Best Steam Showers In 2016 – Complete Guide

A steam shower refers to the type of bathing where a special humidifying generator produces steam or water vapor which is then dispersed on an individual’s body. In this case a steam shower is the room or the special bathroom which is similar to the normal bathroom but has the steam features.

This is a self-contained enclosure which is designed to prevent the escape of the water vapor which can destroy wall papers, paint and other items in the room. The steam shower can be a social affair where a number of people can sit but in most homes the enclosure can only accommodate one person at a time.

A steam shower is available in different materials and can sometimes be the normal shower but with an added steam feature which is powered by an electric steam generator. In addition to the steam, a modern steam shower might also provide extra services such as foot massaging, radio, TV, ceiling rain showers audio input, aromatherapy or chromatherapy.

If you are panning to purchase a steam shower or a steam generator, then you should understand some of the important elements. This knowledge will help you in choosing products that will perform well and meet all your needs and preferences. Pay attention to materials use in the construction; the features fitted in the shower and the size because you also need to consider the amount of space you have available for the shower installation.

Below are a number of the best steam showers and steam generators to get you started;

  • Platinum Pivot Door Steam Shower
  • Brand: Ariel Bath
  • Key Feature(s): Shower Base IncludedSteam Shower
  • Color: Black
  • Material/Finish: Tempered Glass/Chrome
  • Weight: 150 pounds

  • Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower
  • Brand: Ariel
  • Key Feature(s): 6 Acupuncture Water Body Jets, Adjustable Handheld Shower Head
  • Color: Black
  • Material/Finish: Glass
  • Weight: Not specified

  • Generic Good 6kw Steam
  • Brand: Sanvn
  • Key Feature(s): Not specified
  • Color: White
  • Material/Finish: Not specified
  • Weight: 20.8 pounds

  • Generic Home Shower
  • Brand: Sanvn
  • Key Feature(s): Not specified
  • Color: White
  • Material/Finish: Not specified
  • Weight: Not specified

1. Platinum 47″ x 35.4″ x 84.6″ Pivot Door Steam Shower with Left Side Configuration

Ariel Bath DZ959F8 L Platinum Steam ShowerThe Platinum 47″ x 35.4″ x 84.6″ pivot door steam shower is a higher priced steam shower compared to other products but this unit has more features and an elegant finish. This unit is a steam sauna with 6 body massage jets, aromatherapy system, chromatherapy lighting, cleaning function, computer control panel with a timer. The shower tray is drainable and you get FM radio and a handheld shower handle. There is an overheat protection functionality and the shower is a ceiling rainfall feature. The floorboard is wooden and you also get a shower stool and a ventilating fan. This unit comes in right and left configuration and you should ensure that you check your space before you purchase this steam shower.

The package will come in a wooden crate and the assembly is an easy process but if you are not good in assembling items; you might consider seeking the assistance of a handyman. The pivot door is included in the package and the frame has a chrome finish with the side being made of glass. This steam shower is large enough to comfortably accommodate one person and leave enough space for free movement. All the features are geared towards giving you a great time in the shower and the different modes will make the steam shower your personal sanctuary. The steam generator is a 6 KW unit which will ensure that you have ample steam each time you need that steamy bath.

If you love glass walled steam baths, ceiling rain shower and a handheld shower head, then you might want to consider this unit because it is fitted with the best quality of these items. The weight of the entire unit is 452 ponds and thus you will need to assemble it where it will be located in the room. If you are shopping for a steam bath with multiple features, and an elegant finish, then the Platinum 47″ x 35.4″ x 84.6″ pivot door steam shower should be in your shopping list.

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2. Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Shower Enclosure

Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Shower EnclosureCompared to the other products in the market, the Pacifica jetted steam shower and shower enclosure is a mid-priced unit with a great finish and impressive features. This unit is fitted with a high performance 3 KW steam generator to keep the steam flowing into the shower enclosure. There is a built-in seat for a relaxing steam bath and the blue glass construction makes the unit stylish. The team shower is ETL certified and thus you have nothing to worry about. This unit features a steam sauna, which is powered by the high efficiency and high speed steam generator which as the capability of producing high temperature steam in a short period.

You also get 6 body massage jets, a handheld shower head, a ceiling rainfall shower, electricity protection and a wall steam temperature set. The assembly is not all that complex and the water supply is through a simple connection of the normal hot and cold water supply just like in a regular shower. This is because in addition to being a steam shower, this unit will also function as an everyday shower. The package will arrive completely disassembled and if you are not a good assembler, it is best if you involve a professional or a handyman.

As for durability this unit has been constructed using tampered glass on the sides, and the ceiling and the base area made of acrylic and a reinforcement of fiberglass. The general length is 48 inches, a width of 36 inches and a height of 85 inches though there are different sizes. If you are looking for a strong steam shower with more than just the steam functionality, then the Pacifica jetted steam shower and shower enclosure is a great purchase for you.

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3. Generic Good 6kw Steam Generator Shower Sauna Bath Home Spa Digital Controller

Generic Good 6kw SteamThe Generic Good 6kw steam generator shower sauna bath home spa digital controller is a mid-priced steam generator that is designed for high performance. What makes this generator unique is the fact that it allows for digital working time and temperature control. The working time is controllable; you can either set it at 30 minutes to 60 minutes or non-stop. The generator comes with a safety valve to protect the individual using the steam shower in case of an accident. This unit has been CE approved and has an ISO certification.

This is a delicately designed steam generator which will cover a number of requirements to meet your need the unit has been created to dispense steam in an efficient matter and will be a great replacement if you have an old malfunctioning generator. The generator works with a voltage of 220 or 240 and a power of 6KW.  With this generator, you can get an effective hot steam in a room of about 180 to 250 cubic feet to and the unit comes with a dimension of 395 mm x153 mm x 313 mm. The temperature is controllable and is about 35 to 55 degrees. This generator comes with a water depletion self guard to protect itself from damage.

If you have bought a steam shower or would like to replace the existing steam generator in your shower, or you need an efficient steam generator for any other purpose, then the Generic Good 6 KW steam generator shower sauna bath home spa digital controller unit is a product you should be thinking about.

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4. Generic Home Shower Spa Equipment Powerful 9kw Steam Generator Sauna Bath

Generic Home Shower Spa EquipmentThe Generic home shower spa equipment powerful 9kw steam generator sauna bath is a mid-priced unit created with high performance in mind. This unit is designed to allow the control of temperature and working time through digital means. This is why it makes a great addition to steam showers with digital settings. The unit is fitted with a safety valve which is specifically designed to protect the user in case there is an accident. The unit is ISO quality certified and CE approved. This generator is designed to use a voltage of 220 or 240 volts 1 phase and a power of 9KW.

You will  get an effective hot steam in a space of about 300 to 400 cubic feet and the unit has a dimension of 445 mm x 182 mm x 313 mm and can fit is a small space provided by a steam shower enclosure.  The temperatures achieved are between 35 and 55 degrees and there is a water depletion self safeguard to protect the unit from mechanical damages. Working time is controllable and you can set 30 to 60 minutes or a non stop setting depending on your preferences.  The package comes with the steam generator, a digital controller, 2 wires, a steal outlet fixed accessory and an English instruction manual for an easy connection.

If you are interested in a steam generator that will perform better than your old malfunctioning generator, the Generic Home shower spa equipment powerful 9kw steam generator sauna bath is a great purchase. This unit compares to the Generic Good 6 KW steam generator shower sauna bath home spa digital controller the main difference being in the power.

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  • 2 Person Steam Shower
  • Brand: Lifetime Bath
  • Key Feature(s): 2 Person LEFT CORNER Fitting Steam Shower with 6 Massage Jets - 6KW Steam Generator
  • Color: Black
  • Material/Finish: Glass
  • Weight: 450 pounds shipping weight

  • Sliding Door Steam Shower
  • Brand: Eagle Bath
  • Key Feature(s): 110v Steam Sauna (3KW generator) INCLUDED
  • Color: N/A
  • Material/Finish: Tempered Glass
  • Weight: 673 pounds shipping weight

  • Ariel Bath ZAA212
  • Brand: Ariel Bath
  • Key Feature(s): 24 Acupressure body jets for massage therapy 6 whirlpool massage jets
  • Color: White
  • Material/Finish: Clear Glass/White/Off-White
  • Weight: 150 pounds

5. 2 Person Steam Shower Corner Fitting with 12 Massage Jets

2 Person Steam Shower CornerThe 2 Person Steam Shower Lifetime Ariel-DZ962F8 is a high-high priced unit with features and a performance that matches with the price tag. This is a corner fitting steam shower that can fit two people at the same time. The shower features 12 massage jets and a 6KW steam generator which ensures that there is hot steam streaming in the enclosure. Considering that the unit can fit two individuals at the same time, the price is not all that high, especially comparing it with a single person unit with the same features. The unit has dimensions of 47 inches length, 47 inches width and a height of 89 inches.

In addition to the steam shower, the unit comes with a computerized shower, acupuncture massage jets, chromatherapy lighting, FM radio, hydrotherapy back massage jets, surround sound speakers, a ventilation fan and a ceiling rainfall shower setting among many other interesting features. You also get a handheld shower head, an LCD touchscreen display, automatic safety shutoff, and 2 stools for the two people taking the comfortable steam bath. The construction is made of acrylic tray with fiberglass reinforcement, tempered safety glass, high quality stainless steel fixtures and durable pipe clips.

The setting up and the installation might be a little tricky which is why you will need the assistance of a plumber to set everything right. If you would like a steam shower with multiple features that will meet your needs, a shower that can fit two people, then the 2 person steam shower Lifetime Ariel-DZ962F8 is a unit you should consider when you are shopping for a steam shower.

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6. Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit

Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure UnitThe Eagle bath sliding door steam shower enclosure unit is a mid priced steam shower enclosure unit constructed to perfection and fitted with great features. This unit is ETL approved and thus you do not have to worry about the electric safety. Tampered glass is the main materials used in the construction of the unit.  The doors are designed to slide and this simply saves on space and gives the unit an elegant look. The steam generator fitted in the unit is self cleaning. This steam shower comes with a number of extra features which will meet your needs and preferences.

Some of the amazing features that you will get include the 14 jets for acupuncture body massage, the shower enclosure, tub enclosure, a white frame finish that matches with the bathroom surrounding among others. The dimensions are as follows, from top to bottom the height is 87 inches, the side to side overall width is 59 inches and the front to back depth is 59 inches. The steam is provided by a 3KW generator with an aromatherapy outlet. You also get a 110V whirlpool massage feature.

It is important that you pay attention to the dimensions to ensure the unit can fit perfectly where you want it to. Since it is a 410 pond unit, it is better if it is assembled where it will be located. The assembly can be a little bit tricky and this is why you should involve the assistance of a professional plumber who understands how the unit works.  If you are looking for an elegant steam shower enclosure that is packed with beneficial features, then you should consider the sliding door steam shower enclosure unit from Eagle bath when you are shopping for a unit.

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7. Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub

Steam Shower with Whirlpool BathtubThe Aerial bath steam shower with whirlpool bathtub is a high-priced high quality steam shower with amazing features and an impressive construction. This steam shower is mainly constructed using clear glass and has a silver finish and white parts. The combination of all these elements makes an elegant enclosure that fits well in just about any room or bathroom. This unit comes in a curved shape and fits well in a corner of the room. You do not have to worry about the electrical safety as the unit has been listed by ETL as a safe enclosure as far as electricity is concerned.

Some of the features tat you will enjoy in the unit include the ventilation fan, the light in the ceiling, a computer control panel with a timer to make the operation easy, steam shower, a handheld shower head, and a ceiling rain shower among many others. The unit is eco-friendly and the clear glass construction makes the unit look attractive and elegant. The dimensions are; from top to bottom 87 inches, the overall width is 56 inches from side to side and the depth from back to front is 56 inches. Since the unit is 390 pounds it is important that the assembly done where it will be located. You might also want to consider getting the assistance of a plumber or a handyman.

If you are looking for a steam shower enclosure with a whirlpool bathtub that is well constructed with great features, you might want to consider purchasing the steam shower with whirlpool bathtub from Ariel bath.

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