How to Choose a Shower Head that Fits Your Bathroom?


A showerhead should be more than just a home fixture. It is a companion that helps to relax the body and prepare one to prepare the next day feeling refreshed. Due to this close relationship and the importance a showerhead play in the lives of people. One needs a showerhead that can deliver quality constantly and for long. Some of the considerations include the budget, the size of the bathroom and the specific requirements of the individual.

Regulatory Considerations

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that people use showers with a maximum flow rate of 2.5gallons per second. This ensures that one does not overuse their fuel and thus make great savings. Typically, one should aim for a showerhead with a lower flow rate than this. As a result, one is able to stay refreshed, while at the same time reducing their energy bill. This is especially useful for people with large families; the savings could be phenomenal. One way to reduce water consumption is to sue aerated showerheads. This type of showerhead mixes water and air. This gives the illusion of using more water while consuming less. It would be a great way to get past complex regulations.

The Intensity of the Shower

How to Choose a Shower Head that Fits Your BathroomSometimes, one may prefer a gentle shower that releases water slowly keeping one relaxed. In addition, one may choose a shower that has a fast jet that is also massaging. This will depend on choice. A wider showerhead is best for getting a rain-like shower. It also provides more coverage when one is bathing. Sometimes, one may feel like they have run around the bathroom, especially when their eyes are covered in soap. A big showerhead is a great way to get past this problem.

Advantages of Variable Pressure and Pattern

When choosing a showerhead, one may also want to consider one with a variable pattern. This is important in ensuring one is able to get the right amount of water to the right places. In addition, the variable pattern showerhead can one to turn their bathroom into a spa. The various patterns allow one to take a relaxing massage right from the comfort of their bathroom.

More Relaxation

Another feature one may want to consider in a showerhead is the inbuilt speakers. These allow one to listen to their favorite relaxing music as the shower soothes one’s body. This feature is especially for people who work in a stressful environmental. It is definitely a great feature for those looking for luxury in their showers. The audio system works by synchronizing with an iPad or other Bluetooth-enabled device. As a result, one can pre-set their music before they step into the shower.

Cost and Installation

How to Choose a Shower Head that Fits Your BathroomA showerhead can cost anywhere between $10 and $1000. However, a cheaper shower will obviously have less functionality. In addition, an expensive might require more specialised expertise in order to install. It is important for one to consider if they require all these additional features before purchasing their showerhead. A good showerhead should be reasonably priced and easy to install. It should also be durable. Typically, a simple search on the internet will reveal which durable brands are currently available.

Wall vs Ceiling Mounting

This choice largely depends on individual preference. However, wall mounting does tend to feel much more stylish. In, either of this should be adjustable for either tall or short people. This is especially useful for people of low stature. There is also the option to use the handheld or fixed showerheads. Typically, a handheld showerhead is the best for people who have disabilities. However, anyone can use this type of showerhead. It is also great for people with tiny bathrooms. It makes it easier to manoeuvre within the bathroom, without having to stand in awkward positions.


The type of showerhead is a personal choice. It is important for one to take their time to take into account all the factors that bring more comfort in the shower. One of this is the use of lighting in the showerhead for instance. It can be a great way to make the bathing experience fun. However, the definition of what a great shower ultimately comes down to personal preference.