Vida Alegría Spashower Review

The Vida Alegría Spashower is a unit classified in the low price level but with qualities of a highly priced shower head. This is a well designed shower geared towards a great bathroom experience. The crafting has been carefully executed to create an attractive shower head which will fit well in any shower room. The color and materials used to make the product will blend in well with other features in the bathroom.


Spray Modes – The showerhead comes in 5 spray modes which are geared towards meeting the user’s preferences. The good thing about having different sprays is that you have the freedom to choose between the different modes ranging from the relaxing rinse, drenching rain, pulsating massage, 2 mix modes and the drizzle mode which is a great water saver. The spray modes are part of the features that make this shower head a top product in the world of shower heads.

Joint – Another feature that has given this shower head an edge over other products is the brass fitting and the ball joint. This joint is strong and will not crack as most joints do. This means that you will not have to deal with leaks. The joint will stay put when you set it and last forever so no need for replacements. Most shower heads use poor quality plastic construction which means that the soft parts are attached to metal and this can lead to leaks without the use of Teflon tape. If you over tighten the joint, the plastic might break and this will only cause more problems. The Vida Alegría Spashower has a durable brass joint that will not crack or leak.

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Removable Flow Restrictor – If you prefer strong sprays and more power, the 2.5 GPS flow can be easily removed when dealing with low pressure. Though there are restrictions that govern the amount of water allowed through the shower head, there are people with low pressure or in need of high power sprays. Most manufacturers have made the restrictor impossible to remove. The Vida Alegría Spashower has an easy to remove restrictor and this gives you the control over the power of your shower sprays.

Packaging – This product comes in an easy to open recyclable box which is used in protecting the shower head during shipping. Each box will come with detailed instructions aimed at giving you a step-by-step guide on how to install the shower head and how to remove the flow restrictor for people who want more power in their sprays or when you are experiencing low water pressure in the bathroom. To ensure that the installation is successful, there is free Teflon tape.

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If you are looking for a shower head that is not only designed well, but created to save water and give you a different shower experience, the Vida Alegría Spashower is a great product to consider. The 5 spray modes will give you a chance to control the sprays and the shower head will go an extra mile to boost the pressure.