KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Showerhead Review


If you are looking for a reliable shower head that is stylish, durable and able to give you a full body coverage that will transform your shower experience, then the KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Showerhead is one of your best options. These shower heads from Kohler Forte will go a long way into transforming your shower not just in functionality but also in décor.


The Sprays – The sprays coming out of this shower head are gentle and generous. The KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Showerhead makes use of the recommended 2.5 gallons per minute flow. With the restrictor, the shower head still has the ability to provide a combination of great water pressure and coverage. You will get a broad stream that does not get ‘dribbly’ and this is what people are looking forward to in their showers. The shower head has been found to maintain water temperature which makes it a great addition to any bathroom.

Installation and Use – Most products from Kohler Forte are easy to install and you will not need the assistance of a professional to have the shower installed. The instructions for the installation are easily available online. Though a tricky process, the removal of the flow restrictor can help a great deal in the water pressure increase. This is especially useful for hoes where the pressure is low or for people who are in search of strong sprays.

The installation is easy and can be handled by anyone with little knowledge on how to fix things. After the installation process, which should only take a couple of minutes, the shower will be ready to use. The shower comes with only one function or setting and thus you do not have to adjust anything. The shower head is easy to clean and the sprays are great for most users. Tall users have reported not being able to stand upright under the shower and if not angled properly the sprays can find themselves out of the tub.

Design – The KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Showerhead is a beautifully designed shower head which feels and looks like a luxury shower you find in luxury hotels. With a stylish and modern look, this shower is bound to bring a notable transformation in the bathroom. The shower head has been designed for easy cleaning, with just a fast easy wipe, the shower head is left clean. The reason behind the easy cleaning is that the nozzles are made of silicone. The construction involves 72 jets that provide gentle streams through an impressive speed to make your shower experience great every time.

The KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Showerhead will not have LED lights to light up your bathroom but will sure transform your bathroom and give you a great shower experience every time you use it.


The KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Shower head is a mid-range priced product geared towards providing a great shower experience through gentle but generous sprays and you might want to include it in your shopping list.