How to Clean a Shower Head?


If the shower head has been recently underperforming, releasing a low-pressure spray. One should not be quick to lay blame on the utility company. In most cases, it is usually due to a problem with the shower head. The water that comes in through the shower head is not filtered. Over time, minerals in the water build up in the tiny pores that make up the shower head. This is known as scum. It results into the shower head ejecting the water jets in all directions. This can make the bathroom messy besides making it quite hard to get clean. A quick cleanup will get the shower head performing as if it were new.


Cleaning a shower head is very easy. One only needs a zipped bag that has no holes in it. In addition, any type of plastic bag that does not have any chemical products in it can be used efficiently. One will also require white vinegar and a cord or rubber band. All this ingredients can easily be found within the home without much effort. One will also require a toothbrush and a wrench to make sure the job is thorough.

How to Clean It?

How to Clean a Shower HeadThe first step in ensuring the shower head is producing water flawlessly is cleaning the filter screen. This screen is to be found at the point where the shower head is joined to the piping. Cleaning this filter is quite easy. One will require tweezers to remove it. After that, one should use the toothbrush to rub it gently. This will easily get rid of any scum build up. In order to get rid of all the buildup, one will need to run the filter through running water for about ten minutes.

The next step for ensuring that the shower head does not cause trouble is to clean up the nozzle. This nozzle attaches the shower head to the piping in most showers. This will entail giving this nozzle a gentle massage with the fingers. This will get rid of any scum buildup in the nozzles that might be causing problems with water flow.

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Cleaning the Shower Head

Cleaning the shower head is a delicate, but simple process. The first step in cleaning it is to ensure that all the valves are working properly. If the shower head leaks water, even when it is turned off. This might be a wider problem that requires the valves to be replaced. This is because the constant leaks will mean the scum build up takes place even when the shower head is not in use. One needs to tie a plastic bag over the entire shower head.

This bag should then be left overnight. In the morning, remove the bag gently and pour out the contents. One will notice a slight change in the color of the vinegar. Ideally, the vinegar should be poured down the drain, in the process, one is also cleaning out lime scale in their drains. This will help them last longer and require less maintenance. The shower head needs to be turned on for a few seconds to dislodge any vinegar left behind. One should notice a better flow of water immediately. Alternatively, one may unscrew the shower head and leave it in a container full of vinegar overnight. The effect is the same, leading to a better flow of water.

It is also important to brush the shower head with a toothbrush during this process. It will ensure than any scum particles left behind are removed. One should be careful not to rub it too hard. This could damage the finish, making it look old. If one does not see any change, they should soak the shower head in the vinegar longer. Alternatively, baking soda is quite effective. It is important to remember that the point of this is to get rid of the white substance. This is known as lime scale. The other brown discoloration is a natural process due to the action of water on iron. One should first try to get rid of as much of this lime scale as possible.


When cleaning out the shower head, it is important to note that the main cause of reduced flow and pressure is clogging. If this problem is left unchecked for too long, it could permanently damage the shower head. The point is to mitigate the problem before it gets too big. Otherwise, one may have to purchase a new shower head.