What Are the Benefits of Low-Pressure Shower Heads?

What Are the Benefits of Low-Pressure Shower Heads


There are many advantages to having high pressure in the shower. For one, cleaning up becomes a relaxing experience. The high-pressure water bombards the body, which helps with blood flow to the various muscles in the body. This can be especially great for people who have tedious jobs that require them to strain their muscles. A high-pressure showerhead however, does lead to a huge energy bill. This is because the total amount of water required for one to take a bath can be a lot.

Benefits of Low-Pressure Shower Heads

The tinier the showerhead, the higher the velocity of water; however some people do not like this high pressure. Some people prefer a low-pressure showerhead that is wide. The wide area of the showerhead also makes it easier to switch between low and high pressure. This is also possible with an ordinary showerhead, by installing a regulator. A low-pressure showerhead makes one feel as if they are standing in the rain. This can be a great way to end a stressful day at the office. When combined with audio speakers inside the showerhead, this can be quite relaxing. Because the water flows at low pressure, people with big families do not have to worry about their energy bill rising astronomically.

How to Achieve Higher Pressure in the Shower Head?

For people who love high pressure with their shower, if they notice a sudden drop it could be due to a number of reasons. For one, it might be because there are multiple fixtures, which are turned on. In most homes, turning on the kitchen fixture and the garden horse simultaneously will cause pressure to drop ridiculously low. Additionally, clogged pipes or the showerhead itself could cause a drop of pressure. If the showerhead is the problem, one will need to clean it using various techniques that are quite easy to understand. In some instances, one might have to change the entire piping in their home.

What Are the Benefits of Low-Pressure Shower HeadsThis will mean installing wider pipes to get better pressure. Alternatively, one may install a pressure pump to increase pressure as the water enters the home. This is much cheaper compared to changing the all the pipes inside the entire home. Alternatively, one may choose to buy a showerhead with pressure control. These showerheads are quite effective at increasing pressure. Besides, one may install one that has variable pressure. This is an effective method of massaging the body after a long day at work.

How to Increase Pressure without Increasing Water Flow?

The marvels of science have made it possible for one to increase pressure without increasing the amount of water. This is made possible by the use of low-flow, high-pressure showerheads. This is a great way for one to be conscious of the environment while reducing their energy bill. This will usually involve premixing water and air in the showerhead before it is released. The result is that one bathes in a mixture of air and water, but one hardly notices the difference. The shower can be quite relaxing and as a result, one can take long showers without worrying about a high water or electricity bill.

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How to tell if a Shower uses too Much Water?

This is quite simple and does not require any special equipment. It will involve putting a calibrated bucket in the shower and taking a stopwatch. After ten seconds of flow, one should measure the amount of water divided by the time it took to fill the bucket. If the flow rate is higher than 2 gallons per second, there is a chance one is using too much water. This means that there is a lot of wastage during a shower.
Anyone with such a problem needs to immediately install a regulator and purchase an aerated showerhead. The money they save could be used in a variety of ways. Reducing the energy bill is surprisingly easy.


Both low and high-pressure showerheads have their advantages. However, due to technological improvements, it is possible to have the best of both. Since the technologies are still being developed, most of them are still patented. This means one will need to do some serious research in order to ensure they make the best savings.